Thanks to its reduced size, flexibility and precision, the Supercombinata series can perform jobs directly on site, by reducing the time and costs of a traditional repair. It is reliable, powerful and easy to use.




The extra kits are designed to give great versatility of use to the portable line boring machines of the series Supercombinata

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A big range of accessories allows to equip the series Supercombinata according to your needs

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Movimento Terra

Our portable line boring machines Supercombinata allow to make on-site jobs, reducing downtime and freight costs. For years, they have been successfully used in several fields: from Windpower, Railway, Hydropower, Earthmoving, Naval, Nuclear, Oil & Gas.










2023-05-11 08:00:00Elsa at Plantworx Construction Exhibition 2023

Elsa at Plantworx Construction Exhibition 2023

From 13th to 15th June 2023 Elsa will be present at the 5th Plantworx Construction Exhibition at the East of England Arena in Peterborough, UK. Plantworx is the UK’s largest exhibition of disruptive technologies, construction machines and construction services. At Hall A stand C19 during the three exhibition days, visitors can discover the latest innovations on the Supercombinata Series, including the Supercombinata BASIC, the entry level solution, launched at the beginning of 2023. Our staff, together with the LBW Machines dealer, will be happy to welcome you, give you suggestions and answer all your questions.

What is Plantworx

Plantworx is the English showcase for the construction sector. Thanks to the combination of live demonstrations and the latest technology and product innovations, it offers a truly unique experience for industry professionals.

The strong points of the event are:

  • 450 exhibitors, including the main OEMs and construction suppliers
  • The UK’s largest selection of construction machinery and services
  • The perfect opportunity to connect and consolidate international relationships
  • The opportunity to get in touch live and in one single place, equipments, tools and services

The event aims to offer a complete visitor experience involving today’s construction industry professionals, celebrating industry achievements and inspiring the next generation of owners, operators and engineers.

Best Indoor Stand 2017

Elsa goes back to the land of Albion after the wonderful experience of 2017, the edition in which Elsa was awarded the title of "Best Indoor Stand". Angela Spink, Sales Manager at Plantworx, judged this category. "The Elsa/LBW stand booth was well conceived, with an impressive display of their products and an engaging demonstration. The stand was always crowded and the staff showed really enthusiasm and interaction with visitors who went to their stand".

Elsa and the UK 

Since 2009, Elsa’s presence in the United Kingdom has been consolidated and strengthened, thanks to the partnership with LBW Machines Ltd, named in that year exclusive and official dealer for the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The presence on the territory, the reliability of our products and the excellent after-sales service made it possible that many British and Irish Customers could add value to their businesses thanks to the Supercombinata series. Today our machines are used by different companies of the earth moving, naval and railway sectors.

Supercombinata also in 110V version

To meet the needs of British customers, Elsa also makes the Supercombinata Series available with different power supply than standard. In fact, you can request all models of the Supercombinata Series in 110V version.


LBW Machines: our reference point 

"At LBW Machines Ltd," says Kieran Courtney, "we are proud to be able to offer our customers one of the best, if not the best, portable line boring and overlay welding machines the market can offer. For us every customer is important. We are strictly focused on their needs and after-sales service. We try to offer excellent quality service that goes beyond the usual working hours. We are here for you!“

Where you can find us

Being present again as exhibitors will allow us to meet our customers in a context of international importance outside Europe.

We are waiting for you in Hall A stand C19. See the map below.

Katja Rizzuto, Export Sales Manager

2023-04-03 08:00:00We will be at SaMoTer fair 2023

We will be at SaMoTer fair 2023

From 3th to 7th May 2023 we will be present at the 31st SaMoTer International Exhibition of Construction Machinery in Verona.  At Hall 9 stand D6 we will show our portable line boring machines of the Supercombinata Series in action, including the Supercombinata Basic launched in early 2023. We will also be happy to meet visitors and answer questions from international customers.

What you will find at our stand

In addition to the iconic models of our series of portable line boring machines, we will exhibit the Supercombinata Basic, designed to meet the machining needs of the earthmoving industry. The Basic model represents the entry-level solution of the Supercombinata range and is designed to meet the specific needs of the earthmoving sector and for the simplest machining. The goal is to make our portable boring machines more and more affordable by ensuring the quality and reliability that has always distinguished us.

Moreover, visiting our stand, you will have the opportunity to see our portable line boring machines in action with the possibility to attend some practical demonstrations and receive suggestions from our specialized technicians.

What is the SaMoTer fair

SaMoTer is the main exhibition in Italy for the construction machinery sector and takes place in Verona every three years. The exhibition has a strategic geographical position because Verona is at the center of the commercial routes that link the North to South Europe and, at the same time, it is located at the crossroads between the North-East, the North-West and central Italy. With 60 years of experience, the fair is an important event both at national and European level and is part of the cycle of international fairs partners of CECE, which also include the Bauma fair and the Intermat fair.

The 2023 edition of the Italian exhibition will focus on current topics such as:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Energy efficiency improvement
  • Development of eco-friendly economic models
  • Technological innovation
  • Artificial intelligence and automation of construction companies.

Elsa and the SaMoTer fair over the years

Elsa comes back to Verona for the fifth time. In the last participation of 2014, the exhibition suffered the consequences of the global economic crisis and the sector crisis in Italy. For this reason, there is great excitement around the edition 2023. For Elsa the SaMoTer fair is an important event: we expect to meet customers and end users for an evaluation of the Supercombinata Basic, which will be exhibited at the fair for the first time, and to receive valuable suggestions.

In addition, Elsa’s corporate values, to which the company owes its success, are in line with the thematic focus of this year’s SaMoTer fair: sustainable approach, reduction of environmental impact and technological innovation.

Where you can find us

The exhibition district is located about 3 km from the center and it is just some minutes by foot from the main roads. We are waiting for you at Hall 9 Stand D6! See the map below.

Katja Rizzuto, Export Sales Manager

2023-03-31 08:00:00The portable line boring machine Supercombinata lands on The Ultimate Tooling

The portable line boring machine Supercombinata lands on The Ultimate Tooling

Elsa is pleased to announce the collaboration with the qualified portal The Ultimate Tooling to be always closer to the needs of our customers.

Elsa’s distribution channels

Elsa has always been committed to offer to the market the most advanced technical and commercial solutions and, thanks to the numerous international partnerships, Elsa is able to reach customers in every part of the world. To the historic network of official distributors and marketplaces, is added the qualified portal The Ultimate Tooling.

The Ultimate Tooling

It is a qualified portal of information and sale of machine tools. Thanks to the experience and professionalism of the promoter and manager Carlo Carniel, an excellent technical and commercial service is offered to customers around the world. In addition, alternative and secure payment systems are available, including PayPal, Stripe and TransferWise.

Why did you choose the Supercombinata line boring machines?

"The choice to collaborate with Elsa Srl, has been engaged by the constant research in the quality of the products that we at The Ultimate Tooling want to offer to our customers," says Carlo Carniel, promoter of The Ultimate Tooling project.

"The Supercombinata portable line boring machines by Elsa Srl have proven to be an equipment with high construction standards, made with care and represent the absolute top of the range for this category of product. The partnership with Elsa Srl has been a success from the beginning, thanks to the high level of organization, high production standards, clarity in communication and punctuality in deliveries that normally characterize the company.

Today, the needs and skills of operators are becoming more and more specific and being able to offer products of the highest quality such as Supercombinata portable line boring machines, allows us to better meet the needs of customers."

How does training and customer support work by shopping on The Ultimate Tooling?

As usual, Elsa is engaged to provide a free training session for the use of the Supercombinata line boring machine at its headquarters (Sellia Marina, CZ, Italy) and to carry out repairs, overhauls and replacement of defective parts according to the warranty terms.

For more information, please visit:

Pamela Visconti, Export Area Manager

2023-03-22 09:00:00Case study: Supercombinata BASIC for the reparation of an excavator bucket

Case study: Supercombinata BASIC for the reparation of an excavator bucket

The Supercombinata BASIC is Elsa’s new answer for the earthmoving sector. In this case study the boring machine was used on-site to repair the bucket of a JCB back excavator.

Thanks to its small size and extreme versatility and precision, SP Centro Edile Srl has been able to carry out the processing directly on-site reducing time and costs compared to a conventional repair.

The users

Sp Centro Edile is a company that produces, pumps and transports concrete and sells building materials. The company has its own concrete plant and is engaged in the production of inert materials in the municipality of Andali (Catanzaro, Italy). The repair department of the factory has repaired the bushings of a JCB rear excavator in its own workshop.

Solution and development

For the reparation the company SP Centro Edile decided to use following tools:

The diameter of the hole to be repaired was 48.5 mm, let’s see together step by step how this repair has been developed.

1. Centering of the boring bar (only 15 Minutes)

Before starting the welding work, the surface was cleaned. The centering was done in traditional way, by welding the corresponding ELSA centering kit.

It should be emphasized that the welding mode was preferred over other centering types, as working with this centering kit ensures higher precision for further processing.

2. Machine assembly ready to go (only 19 Minutes)

After centering, the brackets were positioned and welded on by a fillet weld according to DIN EN 1993 (Eurocode 3). The machine was then set up, locked through the threaded ring and the boring bar was inserted.

The appropriate tool holder required for machining was inserted and fastened in one of the bores of the boring bar.

Before starting the work, the boring bar was rotated by hand to check the correct positioning of the tool holder.

3. Installation of the electronic control unit (only 1 Minute)

Once the machine was attached to the machine holder, the control unit was installed on the corresponding holder.

After connecting the cable between the machine and the control unit, the machine and the control unit could be connected to the power supply.

The advantage of using an electronic control unit

Through an unidirectional DC controller, the electronic control unit controls the drives of the machine by regulating the speed and direction of rotation, and that of the feed of the machine. Thanks to the few and intuitively recognizable operating switches, the user was able to adjust the various parameters quickly and easily.

4. Restoration of the concentricity of the hole (only 10 Minutes)

After completion of all the work related to the assembly of the machine and the control unit, the user performed the restoration of the concentricity of the hole by boring to eliminate any ovalization and residues of oily materials.

With this machining, the diameter of the hole was increased and for this reason the overlay welding was carried out.

5. Overlay welding (only 20 Minutes)

The portable line boring machine BASIC was equipped with the optional kit BASIC 250. After setting the correct parameters, the welding application phase was triggered by actuation of the welding lever, which sets the automatic synchronization of the rotation with the feed movement.

During the overlay welding process in which the welding lance applies material on the machined surface, the previously set parameters could be subsequently changed by the potentiometer provided for this purpose.

The welding operation was accompanied by an even noise, which confirms correct processing. The result was a uniformed weld bead without overlaps and interruptions.

6. Roughing and measurement (only 18 Minutes)

After the overlay welding phase, a roughing phase was carried out. As explained above, the boring bar and the tool holder were reinstalled. After the various parameters such as the speed of the boring bar and the feed rate were pre-set, it was possible to spindle out again. Rough-turning was carried out with a suitable engine speed, calculated in m/min, depending on the material in connection with the correct cutting speed. After this phase, the machined hole was measured to verify the obtained diameter and the surface roughness.

7. Finishing (only 15 Minutes)

Once the roughing phase was completed, the finishing process was carried out using the same procedure as for the roughing phase, with the difference that a higher speed is achieved due to a differently selected cutting speed. This phase made it possible to reach the diameter of the holes to be machined with dimensional accuracies in the 1/100-millimeter range and the corresponding surface roughness.

8. Disassembly of the machine (only 20 Minutes)

After machining the disassembly operations of the machine were carried out: first, the power supply was switched off to work in safe conditions. The tool holder was then removed and the boring bar as well. Finally, the machine was removed with the appropriate key on the threaded ring and finally the holders were removed as well.

Achieved results

At the end of machining, after having completed the repair of the holes, the diameters of the holes and the roughness were measured. The total time for machining four bushings was approx. 236 minutes (less than 4 hours) and allowed the JCB rear excavator to be repaired in short time. Obviously, the processing time is indicative as it may differ depending on the user’s experience.

The final measurements showed a value of 45 mm with H7 tolerance, while the roughness was 3.2 µm.

2023-02-10 09:00:00Supercombinata BASIC: the high quality and convenient line boring machine

Supercombinata BASIC: the high quality and convenient line boring machine

The portable line boring machine Supercombinata BASIC gives you the power and reliability of the model EASY line boring machine at a very good price.

We are really excited to introduce in our range of portable line boring machines, the Supercombinata BASIC that shares the design concept of the popular EASY model, offering the same benefits and the same versatility at an incredible price. It will also be equipped with extra kits and accessories to expand its functions and the machining range.

A new starting point

The Supercombinata BASIC line boring machine is the new entry level solution of Elsa's Supercombinata Series, it offers performance at professional level at an affordable price. Equipped with its own standard equipment, it carries out machining in the range from Ø 22 mm to Ø 120 mm. Ideal for earthmoving repairs and simple applications.

Modularity: powerful and reliable as an EASY

The Supercombinata BASIC portable boring machine shares the same design philosophy and reliability as the Supercombinata EASY. With the optional kits BASIC 250, which can be purchased later and separately, it is possible to increase range of the machine up to the diameter of 250 mm and if it is also necessary to carry out internal overlay welding.

The accessories make the Supercombinata BASIC even more versatile and lead to new repair possibilities, furthermore all the extra kits and accessories of the Supercombinata EASY are compatible with the Supercombinata BASIC.

The advantages of the line boring machine Supercombinata BASIC

Having the same design as the EASY, the BASIC shares the advantages:

  • transmission with lifetime lubricated gear box
  • rotation motor with 2 speeds
  • 2-speed gearbox variable up to 400 revolutions per minute
  • unlimited longitudinal stroke with steps of 350 mm

Maximum efficiency and convenience

With the Supercombinata BASIC, Elsa is able to offer technologies and performance on top machines at a very affordable price. The Supercombinata BASIC is designed to guarantee maximum efficiency and to offer a modern user experience.


Prices and availability

The portable line boring machine Supercombinata BASIC is provided with CE and EAC certification and is ready to be shipped worldwide. It is available starting from today on the Elsa website and at our exclusive retailers and authorized dealers. Contact us by email, by phone or on our social channels to request information and know the details.

Download the data sheet

Katja Rizzuto, Export Sales Manager 

2023-01-31 09:00:00Guide to buying the best portable line boring machine

Guide to buying the best portable line boring machine

How to choose the best portable line boring machine? And what features to look for to make the best investment? Here is a short buying guide.

The elements to be evaluated before the purchase

The purchase of a line boring machine is based on the need to perform machining of cylindrical holes in very special circumstances. As this is an important investment, some aspects should be considered before the purchase. Simply focusing on price is the wrong path that many users take. Instead, it is necessary to evaluate the technical characteristics and the technological contents of the equipment proposed by the various manufacturers in order to correctly evaluate the quality/price ratio.

Type of processing and diameter range

The first evaluation to do in order to understand how to choose the best portable line boring machine is related to the type of machining that will be carried out. Some portable line boring machines are multifunctional machines, which means that the functionality of the machines can be extended, with supplied elements and with optional accessories. Therefore, it will be necessary to evaluate what is included in the standard equipment and what would be the cost of the optionals in the event that the equipment should also be used for external boring, facing of orthogonal planes, creation of seats for Seeger rings, threading, tapping, drilling, etc...  

Each portable line boring machine model operates in a well-defined diameter range.

The performance and the quality of the machining that can be obtained are related essentially on the mechanical quantities that characterize each specific model, namely the cutting speed and the torque applied on the boring bar.

Engine power and gears

Torque and rotation speed are mechanical quantities that, together with other main cutting parameters, are descriptive of the machining process by chip removal.

The torque provided at the boring bar, parameter to be evaluated during the purchase, determines the cutting force at the cutting head, while the rotation speed determines the cutting speed. For each diameter to be machined, for maximum performance and good machining quality, you should have the required cutting force at the right number of rotations.

Large diameters require low speed and high cutting force, whereas smaller diameters require higher speed and lower cutting force.

The best answer to this specific need is the mechanical gearbox, able to maximize the power delivered by the engine, thanks to the possibility of working with the right gear for each working range.

The gearbox allows to make the best use of the power developed by the motor with maximum flexibility of use, "adapting" maximum torque and speed to the specific needs of the machining.

Longitudinal stroke and length of the boring bar

The boring bar not only performs the rotation motion, but also moves longitudinally through the feed system. The difference here is the stroke: having a wide stroke by steps of more than 300 mm allows you to perform machining in a single stage.

Speaking about the boring bar, it is interesting to notice that the various manufacturers provide boring bars of different length, to be joined if necessary. The presence of the joint determines less precision and stiffness of the boring bar itself. Solutions with fewer joints or couplings should be preferred.

Supercombinata SC1the point of reference

It is the most iconic and versatile product of the Supercombinata Series and covers the processing range from Ø 42mm to Ø 400 mm.

  • For machining of: internal line boring, internal and external overlay welding
  • Prepared for: tapping and drilling
  • Additional kit for: external boring, threading, facing of orthogonal planes and creations of Seeger seats
  • 4-speed gearbox
  • Longitudinal stroke unlimited with 350 mm pitch
  • Feed: both automatic and manual
  • Overlay welding: single mechanical control for rotation and feed
  • On request: 110V version and with digital control unit

Supercombinata EASY

 Ideal for working diameters up to 250mm, it is the most used equipment in the earthmoving sector and allows to carry out machining starting from Ø 32 mm. It is sold with a reduction kit chosen by the end user, which extends the range of use to diameters less than Ø 32 mm.

  • For machining of: internal line boring and internal overlay welding
  • Additional kit for: external boring, facing of orthogonal planes and creations seeger-ring seats
  • 2-speed gearbox
  • Longitudinal stroke unlimited with 350 mm pitch
  • Feed: both automatic and manual
  • Overlay welding: single mechanical control for rotation and feed
  • On request: 110V version and with digital control unit

For extremely small spaces

The Supercombinata EASY Compact and SC2 Compact are conceived to perform machining in extremely small spaces. The SC2 Compact, after its initial success in the United States, is available also in Europe and worldwide. The two models differ from the processing ranges:

Supercombinata Easy Compact: from Ø 42 mm up to Ø 250 mm with Ø 40 mm boring bar

Supercombinata SC2 Compact: from Ø 62 mm up to Ø 250 mm with Ø 60 mm boring bar

Both portable line boring machines share the same dimensional features.

  • For machining of: internal line boring and internal overlay welding
  • Additional kit for: external boring, facing of orthogonal planes and creations Seeger-ring seats
  • 2-speed gearbox
  • Longitudinal stroke unlimited with 250 mm pitch
  • Feed: both automatic and manual
  • Overlay welding: single mechanical control for rotation and feed
  • On request: 110V version and with digital control unit

We recommend the SC2 Compact for machining where higher flexural stiffness is required.

Supercombinata SC2

 It differs from the Supercombinata SC1 for the Ø 60 mm boring bar, for the machining range from Ø 62 mm up to Ø 600 mm and for greater torque available on the boring bar.

  • For machining of: internal line boring, internal and external overlay welding
  • Prepared for: tapping and drilling
  • Additional kit for: external boring, facing of orthogonal planes and creations Seeger-ring seats
  • 4-speed gearbox
  • Longitudinal stroke unlimited with 350 mm pitch
  • Feed: both automatic and manual
  • Overlay welding: single mechanical control for rotation and feed
  • On request: 110V version and with digital control unit

This equipment is recommended for use in shipbuilding and heavy metal carpentry.

Supercombinata SC3

 Our portable line boring machine equipped with the most powerful motor of the range, is equipped with a Ø 60 mm boring bar and allows to carry out machining in the range from Ø 62 up to Ø 800 mm, extendable to Ø 1200 mm with extra kit.

  • For machining of: internal line boring, internal and external overlay welding
  • Prepared for: tapping and drilling
  • Additional kit for: external boring, facing of orthogonal planes and creations Seeger-ring seats
  • 4-speed gearbox
  • Longitudinal stroke unlimited with 350 mm pitch
  • Feed: both automatic and manual
  • Overlay welding: single mechanical control for rotation and feed
  • On request: 110V version and with digital control unit

This equipment is recommended for use in mining, shipbuilding, heavy metal carpentry and oil & gas industry.


Find the most suitable portable line boring machine for your needs, visit our website and find out more, visit our website and discover more.

Giuseppe Simmaco, Marketing Manager

2022-12-13 09:00:00What is overlay welding?

What is overlay welding?

Overlay welding: how does it work, different kind of overlay welding, the benefits of this execution and how to work safely.

Who does overlay welding work?

Overlay welding is a generation method that is used in the repair or modification of existing components and in surface treatments. In every industrial sector there are parts subject to different wear phenomenon that require suitable maintenance of material addition. Overlay welding is used for maintenance in various sectors: steel, construction, agriculture, ceramic, oil and gas, paper, recycling, industry, chemical, food, rubber and plastic, wood and energy sector.

Different kind of overlay welding

Welding methods can be classified according to the method used in welding heat production and the way how the filling material is fed into the welding process.

The welding method used is selected based on the materials to be welded and the thickness of the material, on the required production efficiency and on the desired visual quality of the welding process. Among the most common processes for overlay welding there are: shielded metal arc welding, MIG/MAG, TIG and plasma welding.

The choice of the correct kind of overlay welding helps to save on the maintenance costs of the machinery and to increase its life cycle. Thanks to the overlay welding process, the maintenance cost of the machinery is significantly amortised. Generally, it is performed by coating a base metal with a more resistant metal layer. The most commonly used materials are stainless steel, a nickel-chromium-based alloy (known by its brand as Inconel) and a cobalt-chromium alloy (known by its trade name as Stellite).

Safety in performing overlay welding

Overlay welding is a process that presents some risks for the safety of the operator. The most known is "the arc-eye", also known as "welder's flash". Looking at the welding arch with unprotected eyes can damage your eyesight permanently and even a short exposure can cause the burning of the eye surface. Ultraviolet and infrared radiation and visible elements, such as glowing spray, can damage eyes and burn unprotected skin.

Moreover, "welding fumes" are produced during processing, which may contain more than 40 different substances from the treated material, from the filler metals or surfaces such as paints and coatings. The welding fumes are dangerous to human health as tiny particles of smoke can enter deep into the lungs.

Since the welding process is potentially dangerous it is good to use and wear all the necessary protections, operating in absolute safety conditions.

Overlay welding with the Supercombinata line boring machine

The line boring machine Supercombinata uses the MIG/MAG welding process, which is the most economical welding system and is suitable to withstand very high production rates, because in this type of welding the filler material consists of a wire that is fed continuously by the welding machine. Continuous wire welding involves, during the execution of the intervention, the introduction by the welding machine of an active or inert gas flow, which is needed to protect the molten material from oxidation.

The Supercombinata line boring machines are able to carry out continuous welding with variable pitch through a telescopic torch with swivel joint extendable up to 2100 mm. Our welding torch with EURO connection is compatible with MIG/MAG 250 A wire welding machines.

Automatic overlay welding

In welding mode, rotation and feed are mechanically combined, so ensuring high quality results (uniform weld seams). In welding mode, the Supercombinata carries out the process of overlay welding automatically, eliminating any errors by the operator.

Advantages of overlay welding

The automatic overlay welding process, achievable with the Supercombinata, is advantageous in terms of quality, efficiency and repeatability. The automatic execution can be carried out not in close contact with the machine, thanks to the remote-control button, thus preserving the operator from harmful fumes and heat. The Supercombinata ELSA allows machining in hard-to-reach areas and in other challenging situations for manual welding, and in conclusion it allows to perform quality welding and saves time and costs.

Visit our website and discover more

Bonifacio Monti, Mechanical Engineer

2022-11-10 09:00:00Line boring procedures: what is reaming and roughing?

Line boring procedures: what is reaming and roughing?

Roughing and reaming are among the most used processes for rectifying and machining holes in the line boring sector. What is the difference?

Roughing and reaming are used in order to reduce time and cost compared to a traditional repairing. Often the two words are used as synonyms, in reality they consist in two different kinds of machining, according to the result that wants to be achieved. Through reaming, it is possible to obtain tight dimensional tolerances and excellent outstanding surface. Roughing is used instead, to perform medium roughing machining. Let’s discover both processes.

How does roughing work?

Roughing is a machining process that is performed to enlarge or to surface a pre-existing hole. Roughing processes permit to machine cylindrical surfaces (in case of radial bearings) as well as flat surfaces (axial throw-out bearings). A special feature of the roughing of bearing houses is the possibility to perform one or more machining perfectly aligned with other surfaces which refer to rotation (other bearing houses, other surfaces in general). The roughing machine consists of two or more bearings (according to the case) where is scrolling the boring bar of the machine. On one of these bearings is fastened the machine with its control unit.

How does reaming work?

Reaming is a finishing operation performed by a multi cutting tool that ensures high precision, outstanding surface finish, superb quality of the hole and thigh dimensional tolerances (Accuracies in the range of hundredths of millimetres). In comparison to roughing, in reaming performance the hole diameters are limited and it is best for cylinder machining, bearing housing and high precision machining. In order to finish cylindric and conical holes a translation motion parallel to the axis is imprinted to the cutting tool.

What are the advantages of the reaming machines? 

The Portable line boring machines, such as our Series Supercombinata, permit on site machining, thus reducing downtime and transport costs. In brief, they offer:

  • High flexibility
  • Possibility to operate in small spaces
  • precision
  • Repeatability over time
  • Downtime reduction
  • Transport costs reduction

Reaming and roughing with the Supercombinata line boring machine

The Supercombinata boring machines can perform roughing machining by chip removal and ensure close tolerances (normally H7), high precision geometric tolerances, and roughness between 0,8 – 3,2 µm. Overlay welding is performed by a telescopic torch with swivel joint equipped with EURO connector. In welding mode, rotation and feed are operated mechanically ensuring high quality results (homogeneous seam weld). These machines offer following advantages:

  • easy of use and first setup, even without specific knowledge of the sector
  • centesimal precision and strong stability during machining
  • speed in execution
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • amortised investment after ten repairing.

What are the types of boring bars?

The boring bar is a tool used in metal and wood processing. In metal processing, the cutting tool can be soaked and dragged on the X or Y axis, in order to create a slot or an unsymmetric hole or a channel, or it can be moved only with upstroke and downstroke (on the axis Z) in order to create a perfect circular hole. There are three types of boring bars: of steel for high speed, of brazed hard metal and of indexed hard metal. It should be mentioned that the vibration of the boring bar is often the parameter that prevents from achieving high productivity of the machine, because it requires, for example, to reduce speed, feed and cutting depth.

The portable line boring machine Supercombinata is equipped with 2200 mm boring bar (standard equipment) and 3000 mm (as optional) that guarantee a higher stability, especially at this range, reducing vibrations that could make the result inaccurate.

Reaming and drilling: the difference

Reaming also differs from drilling. Drilling consists in removing chips to create holes using a rotating and translating tool in axial direction. Holes with very small diameters can be obtained, starting from 0,1 mm up to a few centimetres of diameter. The quality of the holes is subject to many variables, such as feed speed, material and hole depth; due to the difficulty of obtaining surfaces with a high finishing level, in some conditions a subsequent finishing or roughing machining is required in order to reach the required tolerances. The portable line boring machines of the Supercombinata Series, as multifunctional machine tools, are designed to perform drilling operations.

Reaming and roughing: which one to choose?

To determine which procedure is the most suitable for finishing holes, it is necessary to check which features the finished piece must have. Reaming is preferable if the finished hole, even on large batches, has to held tight tolerances and excellent surface finishes. Roughing is preferred for roughing and medium finishing operations of holes with non-complex geometries. If none of these features are present, it will be convenient to resort to roughing. The Supercombinata Series was born with this desire: to respond to the increasing demanding requests in the maintenance and repair field.

Visit our website and discover more!

Bonifacio Monti, Mechanical engineer

2022-10-12 08:00:00Elsa’s customer experience

Elsa’s customer experience

Managing customers’ experience goes beyond the purchasing process, but extends across the Customer’s Journey. Elsa has always been committed to accompanying the customer from the need for the product, to the evaluation, purchase and even after-sales assistance. All stages of the process are taken care of by a multilingual team with many years of experience. The customer is thus accompanied at every step, receiving adequate technical and commercial support. Therefore, in addition to its professionalism, Elsa wishes to reflect the quality and reliability that have always distinguished its products also in customer care.


Competence and reliability alongside the customer

 Elsa is a manufacturer of machine tools that is building and commercializing for over 25 years portable line boring machines known as Supercombinata. The portable boring machines, equipped with extra kits and accessories, allow to carry out the most varied repairs finding application in the wind, hydroelectric, earthmoving, naval, nuclear and oil & gas sectors.

Thanks to its 14 exclusive distributors and various service points in the world, Elsa is a globally recognised brand that is synonym of quality and reliability and 97% of production is currently destined for export. The company includes among its customers many important names including Eni, Komatsu, Caterpillar, Liebherr, Metalock, Volvo, Cemex, Bechtel, etc.

Elsa wants to offer added value in terms of design, training and support to its customers during all the various phases of the customer experience process. In addition, Elsa is constantly committed to meet and maintain the highest and strictest health, safety and environmental values in the industry standard.

The experience and knowledge acquired over the years, as well as its avant-garde and innovative vision are the basis of the commitment to provide immediate and concrete solutions to its customers.

Customer care: a strategic asset 

By definition, customer experience represents the various stages of the purchasing process shared by the consumer and the brand. It includes all moments of direct and indirect contact, from marketing to sales, between a brand and an end user; however, it refers not only to actions, but also to emotions. In fact, the way in which a brand manages to satisfy a customer often depends on a good part of its success in the market.

In this sense, Elsa’s desire is to offer an excellent and consistent experience at every stage of the customer relationship and create a lasting relationship. To accomplish this, Elsa has activated a dedicated channel.

Customers can send an email to and receive assistance in their own language: you can write and request assistance in Italian, English, German, French, Spanish and Polish.


After Sales 

Maintaining the correct functionality of portable boring machines, extra kits and various accessories is essential to keep the reliability and performance of your Supercombinata boring machine. All Elsa products are covered by a two-year warranty.

During the product warranty period, Elsa will repair or replace any part or component that presents manufacturing defects. In case of failure or breakdown, you can contact the dedicated after-sales service, dealer or nearest local service point. Elsa’s specialised technicians are able to carry out repairs, revisions and upgrades in the shortest possible time.


One of the strong points of the Supercombinata portable boring machine is its ease of use. Normally, the operating manual and the demonstration videos provided after purchase are sufficient to learn the correct use of the machine. However, if you would like to become a real expert in the field of oval hole repairing, you can request a training session held by our technicians.

Elsa offers remote training through computer support or directly in its headquarters located in Italy. A training at the user site can also be requested and it will be held by a specialized technician.

Request more information

To receive more information or for a quote on the solution that best suits your needs, please fill in the form that you can find on the contacts page. One of our employees in charge will get back to you as soon as possible.

Katja Rizzuto, Export Sales Manager

2022-09-22 08:00:00Elsa at Bauma Munich 2022

Elsa at Bauma Munich 2022

From 24 to 30 October Elsa Srl will be present at the 33rd edition of the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment: Bauma, in Munich, the world’s largest exposition in the construction sector.

At Hall B15 stand 415 we will present and show in action the latest news regarding the range of the Supercombinata Series, including the Supercombinata SC2 Compact already available for the global market since this spring. In addition, one of our specialised technicians will perform some practical demonstrations regarding the different processes that can be performed with our portable boring machines: it will be the ideal opportunity to explore them from a completely new perspective.

What is the Bauma trade fair? 

Bauma is the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery, construction materials machinery, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment.

As the main meeting point of the sector, it allows participants to enjoy a complete overview of the market, so as to identify the most appropriate products and solutions. Moreover, after several years of health emergency, Bauma will be the most authoritative place to make agreements and promote the growth and internationalisation of the various companies that will participate.

Bauma has always stood out for its variety, for the possibility of the actors involved to carry out business, for its internationality and finally, for its role as a very important point for innovation. This year’s event will be accompanied by five exciting key themes and, in particular:

  • Construction methods and materials of tomorrow
  • The way to autonomous machines
  • Mining: sustainable, efficient and reliable
  • Digital construction site
  • The way to Zero Emission

Elsa at the trade fair over the years

Now in its seventh participation, Elsa will take part in Bauma, putting on exhibit the excellence in the idealisation, development and realisation of Made in Italy that have always distinguished it. In the last edition, that of 2019, more than 1,000 people visited our stand: this is a considerable amount for an SME born as a family-run business, but which, thanks to its pioneering visions, has taken on a global dimension and has become a protagonist of the niche market in which it operates.

In order to create and consolidate business relationships, especially international ones, Bauma is undoubtedly an event of great importance.

For Elsa, Bauma is important as it is expected to receive customers and professionals, whose feedback will be fundamental for the creation and consolidation of business relationships and to maintain the cutting-edge standard of research and development.

Elsa’s corporate philosophy, to which the company owes its success, is oriented towards constant attention to the customer, offering the most advanced solutions at a technological level as well as an excellent support and assistance service. Bauma will therefore be an opportunity to better illustrate the potential of the products and how they adapt to the most diverse needs in the various industrial sectors of application.

Elsa’s 2022 

This year Elsa celebrates 25 years of activity, thus reaching an important milestone studded with continuous successes. Recently, the company has decided to renew itself by investing in digital transformation projects, in new compliance functions related to quality, environment and safety. Elsa launched the new website with a new user experience and carried out the first graphic restyling of the historic logo.

There are several projects in the pipeline and new important strategic investments on the horizon: from sustainable production, to new production lines, right up to research and development activities. Always remaining faithful to its vision of “offering the market the most advanced solutions in terms of production and technology”.

In the splendid setting of the Messe München exposition centre, it will be possible to admire one of the latest products of the Supercombinata Series, the Supercombina SC2 Compact. This new compact machine is equipped with power and precision for machining in extremely small spaces. It has been made available for the world market since this spring, after having found great success in the American territory.

With the Supercombinata SC2 Compact you can perform works involving boring and internal overlay welding in the range from Ø 62 mm to Ø 250 mm. All the technical details can be further explored by the many customers, fans and mechanical enthusiasts who will come to visit our stand.

The official dealer for Germany, Norbert Striebosch Mechanische Bearbeitungen, will also be present in collaboration.

Where to find us

We are waiting for you in Hall B5 stand 415. See the map below.

Giuseppe Simmaco, Marketing Manager

2022-08-02 08:00:00Portable line boring machine: machining, use and models

Portable line boring machine: machining, use and models

The portable line boring machine is a machine tool used for machining cylindrical holes by removing metal chips in order to increase the diameter and obtain a high finish, both in terms of roughness and tolerance.

There are different sectors of application, just as there are different types of jobs that can be performed with different models of line boring machines created to meet the most different requirements. Let's get to know them together.

What is a portable line boring machine?

From a technical point of view, the portable line boring machine is a machine tool capable of performing mechanical machining operations by chip removal inside cylindrical holes guaranteeing size, coaxiality and concentricity within very tight tolerances.

Commonly, due to its small size and extreme versatility, the portable boring machine is used for on-site repairs, giving the user a considerable advantage in terms of time and cost. In fact, the work carried out directly on site reduces the costs of disassembly and transport to a specialised workshop, minimising downtime and allowing a return to full operation in the shortest possible time.

Application sectors

Portable line boring machines are mainly used in the construction industry. However, over the years more and more applications have been found in a wide variety of sectors: wind, railway, hydroelectric, marine, nuclear, oil & gas, etc.

The Supercombinata Portable line boring machine: suitable for any job

The Supercombinata portable boring machine is the multifunctional boring machine designed, developed and manufactured entirely in Italy by Elsa Srl. One of the greatest advantages of the Supercombinata series is its multi-functionality, i.e. the possibility to carry out not only reaming but also high-quality welding with just one installation, one centring and one set-up. In addition to this, the Supercombinata series can be equipped with a series of optional kits that expand its functionality to include machining on small and large diameters, welding and tapping on shafts (external boring), as well as flange facing, creating seeger seats and creating internal threads with various pitches.

Elsa manufactures and sells 5 different extra kits, which can be purchased at the same time or at a later date depending on the boring machine chosen: a kit for reducing the boring range, a kit for machining large diameters, a kit for flange facing, a kit for internal threading and a kit for external boring and overlay welding


The models to choose from 


Elsa supplies a range of 6 boring machine models suitable for the most varied requirements in terms of machining range and operating space. Each individual boring machine operates on different dimensions, performing on-site repairs with centesimal precision and close tolerances.

The Supercombined series therefore covers a diameter range from 22 mm of the Supercombinata Easy to 1200 mm of the Supercombinata SC3, which can be obtained with the help of extra kits. The series is enriched by the Compact models with even smaller dimensions, designed to guarantee the same machining quality in reduced operating spaces.

Machining with the Supercombinata provides excellent results in terms of dimensional (H7 tolerance) and geometric precision with roughness in the range of 0.8 - 3.2 µm.

The users

 In its 25 years of business, Elsa has evolved as a machine tool manufacturer from a family business to a global company. Today, 97% of production is for export and the sales network is well established with 14 exclusive distributors worldwide.

Visit our website and find out more.

Salvatore Russo , CEO & Line Boring Specialist

2022-02-12 07:00:0025 successful years: Happy Birthday Elsa!

25 successful years: Happy Birthday Elsa!

With a long history of success that began in February 1997, Elsa and its flagship product, the Supercombinata, are nowadays brands known worldwide for quality and reliability.


Elsa started as a family business that soon became a global company: thanks to a well-developed distributor network and strong partnerships with the leading companies in the industry, Elsa is present in more than 100 countries.


The past year was marked by a number of important strategic decisions: The company introduced new management systems, working methods and organizational models, and made major investments in the areas of computerisation, quality, environment and safety. It also unveiled a new website with a graphic redesign of its historic logo.


These 25 years have been a long and arduous journey in which Elsa has met the demands of the market, always ensuring high quality standards. It is undoubtedly a numerically small company, but thanks to the strong commitment, mutual respect and experience of its team, it has been able to establish and consolidate international business relationships. By exporting 97% of its production, the company has become a point of reference all over the world.


All this has been possible thanks to the close collaboration with distributors, suppliers and, last but not least, customers, who have always given the company their trust, time and attention.


For the coming years, several projects are in the pipeline and new strategic investments are in sight. We will continue to expand our product range, invest in innovation, research and development to maintain the pioneering role that has distinguished us over the years.


This anniversary will be a new starting point from which we look to the future with enthusiasm.

Team Elsa

2021-12-18 06:00:00WE HAVE A NEW LOOK


The ELSA brand, launched in 1997, is famous all over the world for quality and high reliability of its portable line boring machines.

Today it takes on a completely new and up to date look: the website is based on a responsive web design that fits any screen, allowing optimal usability from any electronic device.

The new logo is future-oriented, but remains faithful to the 20-year tradition. The triangle is fragmentated and it is  reminiscent of the tools used in metalworking. The green colour represents our commitment to sustainability, while orange recalls ethics and corporate social responsibility.

We are constantly striving for innovation and focusing on the real needs of our customers.

The ELSA Team

2021-11-22 09:00:00EMAF 2021 - Come and visit us

EMAF 2021 - Come and visit us

Come and visit us at the International Exhibition EMAF 2021 in Oporto (Portugal) from 01 to 04 December.
Our distributor DUNIMEX will be glad to give you information about our portable line boring machines.





A new distribution agreement has been signed between ELSA and Talmac Machine Tools in South Africa to further expand the worldwide distribution network. 

This was possible also thanks to the Italian origin of Talmac’s owner that will help to initiate a synergic cooperation to meet the requirements of the reference market.

The ELSA Team

2019-04-08 08:00:00BAUMA 2019 – COME AND VISIT US


The Bauma trade fair, confirmed worldwide as the reference event for the industries and main players of construction machinery, has become a fixed appointment for the biggest companies of the sector. 

From 8th to 14th April, Elsa will be present with its products for the sixth consecutive time: "Come and visit us in Hall B5 Stand 415!". 

This year's main theme will be environmental and social responsibility, involving the production of machines that respect and promote sustainability: Smart City Logistic, Vehicle-to-grid, Traffic Management are just some of the predominant topics. 

We at Elsa, always consistant with innovation and sustainability, will be exhibiting our Supercombinata Portable Line Boring Machines and related Kits to provide new ideas for the metalworking sector and the construction industry.

The ELSA Team