Portable line boring machines: 7 points to start a new business

Portable line boring and rotary welding machines are a successful business in the repair world. Do you want to start a new business? Discover our 7-point guide.

1 - Are there repair jobs or business opportunities in my area?

Yes, there are certainly many opportunities to use portable line borers. Pandemics, sustainability, wars and economic crises have led to a boom in the use and repair of used machinery and equipment. If you check the market situation in your own country, you will see that demand is increasing.

A portable line boring machine can be used for a variety of applications in different fields:

  • Wind power: repair of wind turbines.
  • Railway: repair and construction of railway and underground lines.
  • Hydropower: Repair of coupling bores, bearings, valve seats, flanges, etc.
  • Ground works: Repair of tunnelling machinery, earthmoving machinery, steel construction, lifting equipment, hydraulic cranes, agricultural equipment, concrete plants, etc.
  • Marine: repairs of engine monoblocks, hatches, valves, blind holes, orthogonal surfaces, propeller shaft alignment, engine mounting, etc.
  • Nuclear energy: maintenance and repair of nuclear plants.
  • Oil and gas: repair of pipelines and refinery plants

2 - What will be the size of the holes to be repaired?

Once you have determined the field in which you want to work, you need to find out what the diameter range of the holes to be repaired will be. This is an important assessment because it will determine the choice of machine you make as your initial investment. Elsa's series Supercombinata portable line borers, which consists of 7 models, covers a diameter range from 22 to 1200 mm. It is advisable to choose a machine that covers at least 80% of the possible future jobs. For specific works, you can consider buying additional kits and optional accessories that extend the functionality of your machine.

In search of the perfect starter set

In the portable boring machine spectrum, there are several devices that might be suitable for you. However, it is important to remember that considerable initial savings do not necessarily correspond to satisfactory product quality and/or good after-sales service. The Supercombinata BASIC model, a professional line borer at an affordable price, represents an excellent compromise between quality and price and could be the right model for you.

3 - Should I rent or buy my equipment?

Among the different financial services available as an alternative to buying, we would like to highlight the possibility of renting or leasing. This is a valid formula that allows you to immediately dispose of the equipment by paying a regular fee and become its owner at the end of the contract. Of course, deferring payment involves additional costs, so buying is preferable if possible.

4 - Which brand should I focus my decision on?

Buying a power tool is certainly an important decision. There are several points to consider when making a purchase:

  • Who offers the best customer service;
  • Which boring machine has the best functional design, e.g. the Elsa Supercombinata machines have been specially "designed" to be as powerful as possible in this type of machining;
  • The quality of the standard and optional accessories;
  • The most versatile line boring unit for your needs to cover the widest possible range of applications.

5 - Which add-on kit or optional accessory should I buy to start my business?

This is a good question to start a conversation with our sales department or your nearest dealer. In addition to our range of Supercombinata portable line borers, we offer additional kits for external turning, threading, facing and surfacing on small and large diameters, as well as a wide range of accessories.

6 - Will I need to purchase a welding machine?

The standard equipment of the Supercombinata portable line boring machines includes all the accessories required to perform the overlay welding operations.

In the welding mode, the Supercombinata performs the welding automatically without the need for adjustment, minimising possible operating faults: The rotary and feed movements of the telescopic torch are combined mechanically, guaranteeing uniform weld seams and excellent quality results.

The portable Supercombinta line borers are compatible with MIG/MAG machines equipped with a Euro coupling. Owning a welding machine therefore enables you to carry out high-quality welding work effortlessly.

7 - I don't have enough experience

Many people give up on entering the world of portable line boring because they think they don't have enough experience. Elsa offers you the experience of more than 30 years in the industry by providing on-site and streaming training in your local language. You will find useful information, from assembly and measurement to the correct machining parameters.

Choose the line boring machine that best suits your needs and discover the advantage we can achieve together!

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Giuseppe Simmaco, Marketing Manager

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