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Customer testimonials are an important and direct information channel. Their opinions provide us with valuable information for improving our products and services. At Elsa, we endeavour to respond promptly and professionally to all our customers' needs.

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Read why the portable line boring machine Supercombinata is the perfect solution for repair work in various sectors:



The Supercombinata by Elsa Srl is a powerful tool that helps us to have an excellent finishing for the axle supports of the line bushings of 100% of the boats we build.

We also use it in many repairs, having the ability to improve the axis line support, decreasing vibration and extending the life of the propeller shaft.

The processing time has decreased significantly and we have obtained a superior quality product with excellent surface finishing.

The versatility of the Supercombinata is remarkable. We are so satisfied that less than two years after the purchase of the first machine, we bought a second one.

Astillero Naval Federico Contessi y Cía. S.A.


Here we carry out general repairs to the chassis of Komatsu 830 trucks, for which we use Elsa's line boring machine, a machine that provides us with a lot of support and safety during the job.

Diesel Omt


In our company, we have been using the SC1 portable line boring machine for 13 years. The machine is very intensively used, working about 8 hours a day.

Thanks to the SC1, we are able to rectify even serious faults in machines and equipment by reconditioning worn holes in components such as hydraulic cylinders, couplings for loaders and dumpers, and buckets for loaders and excavators.

The reconditioning done by the Supercombinata SC1 consists of line boring the damaged surfaces and further finishing, in order to bring them back to their nominal dimensions.

The Supercombinata SC1 has saved our company from incurring huge costs for replacing damaged components with new ones or having them reconditioned by other companies.

We have trained three members of our staff to use the SC1 and they are able to carry out any repair perfectly, even very complex ones.

The experience with the SC1 encouraged us to purchase a second machine, this time an SC3, which we hope will help our company to save further money on the costs of reconditioning machine components.

Kruszgeo Rzeszów SA

I run an earthmoving equipment repair shop and repair boom bushings and bucket seats. I have been working with the Elsa line boring machine for 7 months and am very satisfied with the results. The machine is characterized by its user-friendliness and the stability of the boring shaft during machining.

The surface of the hole after internal overlay welding is perfectly homogeneous. The machine is very efficient.

Lenik Wytaczanie


When you decide to invest in a machine for your business, no matter the brand, make sure it has a track record of durability and product support.

This pic is of a 988 bucket job around 2012 I believe. The green machine was the first two motor Elsa sold in the USA in 1997. The red machine was bought 6 months later in 1998, it was the early 3 motor compact model.

Both of these machines are still running today, both on their 4th owners each. Neither machine has ever had a motor or major repair, a few sets of brushes is all.

They are a high quality machine that with proper use will give you years of return on investment.

“The bitterness of poor quality will be remembered, long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten!”

Bore America LLC

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