The portable line boring machine Supercombinata lands on The Ultimate Tooling

Elsa is pleased to announce the collaboration with the qualified portal The Ultimate Tooling to be always closer to the needs of our customers.

Elsa’s distribution channels

Elsa has always been committed to offer to the market the most advanced technical and commercial solutions and, thanks to the numerous international partnerships, Elsa is able to reach customers in every part of the world. To the historic network of official distributors and marketplaces, is added the qualified portal The Ultimate Tooling.

The Ultimate Tooling

It is a qualified portal of information and sale of machine tools. Thanks to the experience and professionalism of the promoter and manager Carlo Carniel, an excellent technical and commercial service is offered to customers around the world. In addition, alternative and secure payment systems are available, including PayPal, Stripe and TransferWise.

Why did you choose the Supercombinata line boring machines?

"The choice to collaborate with Elsa Srl, has been engaged by the constant research in the quality of the products that we at The Ultimate Tooling want to offer to our customers," says Carlo Carniel, promoter of The Ultimate Tooling project.

"The Supercombinata portable line boring machines by Elsa Srl have proven to be an equipment with high construction standards, made with care and represent the absolute top of the range for this category of product. The partnership with Elsa Srl has been a success from the beginning, thanks to the high level of organization, high production standards, clarity in communication and punctuality in deliveries that normally characterize the company.

Today, the needs and skills of operators are becoming more and more specific and being able to offer products of the highest quality such as Supercombinata portable line boring machines, allows us to better meet the needs of customers."

How does training and customer support work by shopping on The Ultimate Tooling?

As usual, Elsa is engaged to provide a free training session for the use of the Supercombinata line boring machine at its headquarters (Sellia Marina, CZ, Italy) and to carry out repairs, overhauls and replacement of defective parts according to the warranty terms.

For more information, please visit:

Pamela Visconti, Export Area Manager

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