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The testimonials from companies, that have already worked with us, show that successful partners and reliable products are absolutely essential for our customers.

A successful network

As an industry leader, we are committed to service excellence on a global level. Our customers' satisfaction is important, we aim to enhance our reputation for quality and reliability in both products and after-sales services. 

Find out what they say about us

Read about how Elsa's partners have become invaluable in achieving successful business goals together in the field of 'out of factory' machining.


We are proud to be part of the ELSA family. Over all these years, we have sold dozens of portable boring machines, the functionality of which has fully satisfied our customers. We have focused primarily on customers in machine repair shops, construction machinery and forestry.

There has never been a lack of support from ELSA, both in terms of technical information and the supply of spare parts and accessories for the equipment.



We have been the official sales partner of ELSA S.r.l. in Germany for over twelve years. During this period, the portable line boring machines have achieved a very high degree of recognition in Germany. Technical advice, demonstrations as well as in house training courses offer our customers high quality service.

Norbert Striebosch Mechanische Bearbeitungen

People's Republic Of China

We are proud dealers of Elsa’s products in the People’s Republic of China. We can attest that Supercombinata stands the test of time with its excellent quality. The dealers and customers are very worry-free. Elsa’s after-sale service is highly efficient and warranty terms are strictly enforced. Furthermore they can take the trouble to provide customers with feasible free solutions for various on-site processing problems. Our decade-long partnership is well established on high financial security and support, working with honesty and a friendly attitude.

Ningbo Sailtool Mechatronics Engineering

South African Republic

A little more than a year ago Elsa and Talmac joined forces, to tackle the South African line boring machine market. Since then the relationship between the two companies has grown to extended heights and continues to grow daily. The responsive support from Elsa allows Talmac Machine Tools to supply a quality product with excellent after sale support. Talmac Machine Tools is proud to represent Elsa S.r.l in South Africa, we look forward to the many years of partnership.

Talmac Machine Tools


BoreAmerica is a team, we are Team Elsa with all our Customers in America and all the Elsa Dealers and Customers  and worldwide!

Elsa is a high quality product and we at BoreAmerica try our best to live up to their product and company reputation developed by the Russo Family!

BoreAmerica is what it is because of these Three Teammates - Steve Self, Thor Thorlaksson and Zach Redhead. 

We all have an important part in making BoreAmerica, your go to Company for lineboring and knowledge of the Elsa product line. 

We specialize in customer service, which is from receiving and checking in, to training, to parts availability, to shipping merchandise, help with your particular job, whatever it maybe, we even try to help those with other brands with their issues on a boring job if asked!!

We are here to pass on our combined experience of over 100 years in the repair business and 25 years of working with Elsa since their inception in 1997!

We are not salesmen but mechanics here to help you prosper as we have with the Elsa Weld and Bore machines and accessories.

Bore America LLC

Mutual trust and common goals

The testimonials of our official partners are an example of how Elsa builds relationships based on respect, trust and competence, qualities that have enabled us to build solid partnerships.

We are grateful for the confidence placed in us by our partners: we will continue to work together to achieve new levels of excellence.

The variety of positive experiences reflect our commitment to building lasting relationships, and we look forward to the future with enthusiasm, aware that the success of one translates into the success of all.

If you are interested in becoming an Elsa partner, please carefully complete the form on the contact page. You will be contacted by one of our managers as soon as possible.

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