How to become an official dealer of Elsa’s line boring machines

Becoming an Elsa dealer can bring several benefits to your business. Below we explain how to do it and why you should become our partner.

Our dealers

The brands Elsa and Supercombinata are known worldwide for the quality of the boring performance and on-site overlay welding. They have always been synonymous with continuous innovation, not only in the development of new products but also in the company culture.

To achieve and support the goals of excellence, Elsa believes it is essential to create partnerships with the most important operators in the sector. We currently have several official dealers operating in following countries:

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Holland
  • Portugal
  • UK / Ireland
  • Republic of South Africa
  • European Russia
  • Siberian and Asian Region of Russia
  • Republic of China
  • U.S.A.
  • Uruguay

Why should you become an official Elsa dealer?

Joining the dealer network of our Supercombinata line boring machines has several advantages. Below there are three reasons that will help you understand why Elsa can help you to grow and become a successful company.

1 - Improve your business thanks to the training

Elsa makes available its technicians and engineers to enable its partners to maintain a high level of expertise and knowledge in the field of portable machine tools, offering the possibility to be competitive on the market and above all to experience new opportunities, providing up-to-date and forefront solutions to its customers.

2 - A constant commitment to our partners

The professionalism in respecting contracts has always distinguished our collaborations, some of which have lasted for over 25 years. Our commitment is to provide the appropriate tools to represent the brand in line with our quality standards. We offer dedicated sales, marketing and after-sales resources.


3 - The advantage of working with a big company

Collaborating with Elsa gives the advantage of joining forces with a company that has been operating in the field of portable machine tools for over 25 years, supporting customers of small, medium and large companies around the world. It also enables to make use of the feedback and expertise of 5000 customers worldwide.


Fairs all over the world

Elsa participates directly or indirectly in international trade fairs, supporting its partner in the exhibition in its region.

  • We recently participated in:
  • Emaf 2021 in Portugal: we have supported our dealer Dunimex;
  • Grain SA's NAMPO Harvest Day 2022 in Southafrica: we have supported our dealer Talmac Machine Tools;
  • Australian Manufacturing Week 2022 in Australia: we have supported our dealer Whitelaw Engineering Machinery;
  • Bauma 2022, the leading trade fair, together with the German dealer Norbert Striebosch mechanische Bearbeitung;
  • SaMoTer 2023 in Italy;
  • Plantworx 2023 in UK: where the participation at the fair was shared with the country’s official dealer LBW Machines ltd;
  • The Big 5 Construct Southern Africa 2023 in South Africa: we have supported our dealer Talmac Machine Tools.

What our historical partners say

So says the official dealer for the United States of America:

Bore America is a team, we are Team Elsa with all our Customers in America and all the Elsa Dealers and Customers and worldwide!

Elsa is a high-quality product and we at Bore America try our best to live up to their product and company reputation developed by the Russo Family!

Bore America is what it is because of these Three Teammates - Steve Self, Thor Thorlaksson and Zach Redhead.... We are here to pass on our combined experience of over 100 years in the repair business and 25 years of working with Elsa since their inception in 1997!

We are not salesmen but mechanics here to help you prosper as we have with the Elsa Weld and Bore machines and accessories."

Become a dealer

To receive more information, please fill in the form on the contact page. Our sales team will contact you as soon as possible.

Katja Rizzuto, Export Sales Manager

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