Extra Different in MKT TOO

It all stems from a deep and clear need: to bring out the desire to excel and exceed common standards also in our communication.

The aim is to fully convey who we are today, identifying our product values and linking them to a new brand perception.

We want industrial users to consider Elsa as a must-have when they face demanding challenges, achieving exceptional results in ‘on-site’ machining.

Elsa concretised the idea of ‘on-site’; hence a new concept emerges “SUPER XTRAFACTORY DEVICE” and a new claim “BE_XTRA”, tasked with transmitting in just a few lines the exceptionality and extraordinary capacity of Elsa.

The redevelopment of our brand identity is a journey that explores what we love most and what sets us apart: our company, our reality, our products, our determination to constantly push the boundaries of innovation and performance.

Who we are and who we want to be in the coming years.

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