2022-09-22 08:00:00Elsa at Bauma Munich 2022

Elsa at Bauma Munich 2022

Elsa at Bauma Munich 2022

From 24 to 30 October Elsa Srl will be present at the 33rd edition of the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment: Bauma, in Munich, the world’s largest exposition in the construction sector.

At Hall B15 stand 415 we will present and show in action the latest news regarding the range of the Supercombinata Series, including the Supercombinata SC2 Compact already available for the global market since this spring. In addition, one of our specialised technicians will perform some practical demonstrations regarding the different processes that can be performed with our portable boring machines: it will be the ideal opportunity to explore them from a completely new perspective.

What is the Bauma trade fair? 

Bauma is the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery, construction materials machinery, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment.

As the main meeting point of the sector, it allows participants to enjoy a complete overview of the market, so as to identify the most appropriate products and solutions. Moreover, after several years of health emergency, Bauma will be the most authoritative place to make agreements and promote the growth and internationalisation of the various companies that will participate.

Bauma has always stood out for its variety, for the possibility of the actors involved to carry out business, for its internationality and finally, for its role as a very important point for innovation. This year’s event will be accompanied by five exciting key themes and, in particular:

  • Construction methods and materials of tomorrow
  • The way to autonomous machines
  • Mining: sustainable, efficient and reliable
  • Digital construction site
  • The way to Zero Emission

Elsa at the trade fair over the years

Now in its seventh participation, Elsa will take part in Bauma, putting on exhibit the excellence in the idealisation, development and realisation of Made in Italy that have always distinguished it. In the last edition, that of 2019, more than 1,000 people visited our stand: this is a considerable amount for an SME born as a family-run business, but which, thanks to its pioneering visions, has taken on a global dimension and has become a protagonist of the niche market in which it operates.

In order to create and consolidate business relationships, especially international ones, Bauma is undoubtedly an event of great importance.

For Elsa, Bauma is important as it is expected to receive customers and professionals, whose feedback will be fundamental for the creation and consolidation of business relationships and to maintain the cutting-edge standard of research and development.

Elsa’s corporate philosophy, to which the company owes its success, is oriented towards constant attention to the customer, offering the most advanced solutions at a technological level as well as an excellent support and assistance service. Bauma will therefore be an opportunity to better illustrate the potential of the products and how they adapt to the most diverse needs in the various industrial sectors of application.

Elsa’s 2022 

This year Elsa celebrates 25 years of activity, thus reaching an important milestone studded with continuous successes. Recently, the company has decided to renew itself by investing in digital transformation projects, in new compliance functions related to quality, environment and safety. Elsa launched the new website with a new user experience and carried out the first graphic restyling of the historic logo.

There are several projects in the pipeline and new important strategic investments on the horizon: from sustainable production, to new production lines, right up to research and development activities. Always remaining faithful to its vision of “offering the market the most advanced solutions in terms of production and technology”.

In the splendid setting of the Messe München exposition centre, it will be possible to admire one of the latest products of the Supercombinata Series, the Supercombina SC2 Compact. This new compact machine is equipped with power and precision for machining in extremely small spaces. It has been made available for the world market since this spring, after having found great success in the American territory.

With the Supercombinata SC2 Compact you can perform works involving boring and internal overlay welding in the range from Ø 62 mm to Ø 250 mm. All the technical details can be further explored by the many customers, fans and mechanical enthusiasts who will come to visit our stand.

The official dealer for Germany, Norbert Striebosch Mechanische Bearbeitungen, will also be present in collaboration.

Where to find us

We are waiting for you in Hall B5 stand 415. See the map below.

Giuseppe Simmaco, Marketing Manager

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2022-08-02 08:00:00Portable line boring machine: machining, use and models

Portable line boring machine: machining, use and models

Portable line boring machine: machining, use and models

The portable line boring machine is a machine tool used for machining cylindrical holes by removing metal chips in order to increase the diameter and obtain a high finish, both in terms of roughness and tolerance.

There are different sectors of application, just as there are different types of jobs that can be performed with different models of line boring machines created to meet the most different requirements. Let's get to know them together.

What is a portable line boring machine?

From a technical point of view, the portable line boring machine is a machine tool capable of performing mechanical machining operations by chip removal inside cylindrical holes guaranteeing size, coaxiality and concentricity within very tight tolerances.

Commonly, due to its small size and extreme versatility, the portable boring machine is used for on-site repairs, giving the user a considerable advantage in terms of time and cost. In fact, the work carried out directly on site reduces the costs of disassembly and transport to a specialised workshop, minimising downtime and allowing a return to full operation in the shortest possible time.

Application sectors

Portable line boring machines are mainly used in the construction industry. However, over the years more and more applications have been found in a wide variety of sectors: wind, railway, hydroelectric, marine, nuclear, oil & gas, etc.

The Supercombinata Portable line boring machine: suitable for any job

The Supercombinata portable boring machine is the multifunctional boring machine designed, developed and manufactured entirely in Italy by Elsa Srl. One of the greatest advantages of the Supercombinata series is its multi-functionality, i.e. the possibility to carry out not only reaming but also high-quality welding with just one installation, one centring and one set-up. In addition to this, the Supercombinata series can be equipped with a series of optional kits that expand its functionality to include machining on small and large diameters, welding and tapping on shafts (external boring), as well as flange facing, creating seeger seats and creating internal threads with various pitches.

Elsa manufactures and sells 5 different extra kits, which can be purchased at the same time or at a later date depending on the boring machine chosen: a kit for reducing the boring range, a kit for machining large diameters, a kit for flange facing, a kit for internal threading and a kit for external boring and overlay welding


The models to choose from 


Elsa supplies a range of 6 boring machine models suitable for the most varied requirements in terms of machining range and operating space. Each individual boring machine operates on different dimensions, performing on-site repairs with centesimal precision and close tolerances.

The Supercombined series therefore covers a diameter range from 22 mm of the Supercombinata Easy to 1200 mm of the Supercombinata SC3, which can be obtained with the help of extra kits. The series is enriched by the Compact models with even smaller dimensions, designed to guarantee the same machining quality in reduced operating spaces.

Machining with the Supercombinata provides excellent results in terms of dimensional (H7 tolerance) and geometric precision with roughness in the range of 0.8 - 3.2 µm.

The users

 In its 25 years of business, Elsa has evolved as a machine tool manufacturer from a family business to a global company. Today, 97% of production is for export and the sales network is well established with 14 exclusive distributors worldwide.

Visit our website and find out more.

Salvatore Russo , CEO & Line Boring Specialist

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2022-02-12 07:00:0025 successful years: Happy Birthday Elsa!

25 successful years: Happy Birthday Elsa!

With a long history of success that began in February 1997, Elsa and its flagship product, the Supercombinata, are nowadays brands known worldwide for quality and reliability.


Elsa started as a family business that soon became a global company: thanks to a well-developed distributor network and strong partnerships with the leading companies in the industry, Elsa is present in more than 100 countries.


The past year was marked by a number of important strategic decisions: The company introduced new management systems, working methods and organizational models, and made major investments in the areas of computerisation, quality, environment and safety. It also unveiled a new website with a graphic redesign of its historic logo.


These 25 years have been a long and arduous journey in which Elsa has met the demands of the market, always ensuring high quality standards. It is undoubtedly a numerically small company, but thanks to the strong commitment, mutual respect and experience of its team, it has been able to establish and consolidate international business relationships. By exporting 97% of its production, the company has become a point of reference all over the world.


All this has been possible thanks to the close collaboration with distributors, suppliers and, last but not least, customers, who have always given the company their trust, time and attention.


For the coming years, several projects are in the pipeline and new strategic investments are in sight. We will continue to expand our product range, invest in innovation, research and development to maintain the pioneering role that has distinguished us over the years.


This anniversary will be a new starting point from which we look to the future with enthusiasm.

Team Elsa

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A new distribution agreement has been signed between ELSA and Talmac Machine Tools in South Africa to further expand the worldwide distribution network. 

This was possible also thanks to the Italian origin of Talmac’s owner that will help to initiate a synergic cooperation to meet the requirements of the reference market.

The ELSA Team

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